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ELAIMEI Skin Whitening Cream


Natural whitening cream for armpits, legs, knees, elbows and other necessary areas of the body.


ELAIMEI Skin Whitening Cream

Tube size : 50ml

ELAIMEI Skin Whitening Cream promotes cell regeneration and balances sebum secretion, works well for any skin type. This cream helps to dilute melanin, remove the cutin and dirt in the pores, soften skin to prevent the melanin from producing, and in turn whitens the skin. Works well on armpit, knees, elbows and the inner thighs. Mild ingredients, no stimulation and will effectively moisturize your skin. This cream also has great effect on treating general burns and sunburn and contains a variety of extraction essences. It also help to reduce and repair thick pores as well as to  soften, and eliminate body odor.

Usage details
Use: After cleaning the skin, take the appropriate amount of product, apply evenly to the skin. Massage gently to absorb product into skin.

Water, glycerol, propylene glycol, mineral oil, glycyrrhizic acid, tocopherol, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, flavor
Shelf life: 3 years

1. Keep out of reach for children.
2. External use only, avoid eyes.
3. Stop using if you feel any discomfortable.
4. Store in a cool and dry place, avoid high temperature or direct sunlight.

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