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SR9011 (Rev-ErbA agonist) 10MG – 50 Capsules


Endurance.Lower body fat.Anti inflammatory.Reduction of recovery time.Anxiolytic.Reduce LDL cholesterol levels.Increase concentration and focus.

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Buy Sarms SR9011 (Rev-ErbA agonist) 10MG – 50 Capsules

Scientific Name: (Rev-erba agonist) – SR9011 (Rev-erba agonist) 10MG
Clinical Test Expectation: Endurance.Lower body fat.Anti inflammatory.Reduction of recovery time.Anxiolytic.Reduce LDL cholesterol levels.Increase concentration and focus.
MG Strength:  10mg

Detailed Product Information

SR9011 is a Rev-ErbA agonist and is counted as one of the next big super drugs that might reign the pharmaceutical industry for a long time. SR9011 and the other agonists in the same series have maintained their research and observation status since 2012.

Nearly eight years ago, the National Institute of Health issued grants and established funds for the project. Pharmacy research Professor Thomas Burris developed the research drug at St. Louis College of Pharmacy.

The compound is still going through its intermediate stages of the trial. As of October 2020, the SR9011 (Rev-erba agonist) 10MG is still not declared publicly available for human consumption. The lab and clinical trials have yet a lot to reveal.


To fully understand the beneficial effects of agonist SR9011 (Rev-erba agonist) 10MG, it’s necessary to understand what the compound actually does. SR9011 (Rev-erba agonist) 10MG is a Rev-ErbA agonist, which means it binds itself to the Rev-ErbA protein in our body and enhances its working functionality.

Rev-ErbA protein that naturally exists in our system is a major structural component. It is found in the liver, muscle tissues, fat tissues, and the entire skeleton. Needless to say, an imbalance or deficiency of the compound can lead to a host of problems ranging from depression to physical weakness. The introduction of SR9011, under controlled clinical trials, has shown the following benefits:

1.     Enhanced Endurance According to the research done so far, SR9011 is capable of increasing physical endurance. As we mentioned earlier, there’s an ample requirement of the Rev-ErbA protein compound in our system to sustain energy for physical endurance.

With this in mind, the SR9011 is expected to boost endurance or meet the minimum requirements for a healthy and fit body. Bodybuilders and those who want an athletic figure can definitely benefit from this.

2.     Lower Body Fat As it is widely known, body fat has a more disadvantageous influence on our body than any positive effects. It is responsible for making physical fitness tougher than usual. Body fat also contributes to a series of body disorders.

Exercising and dieting are the two most common ideas that people have in mind for lowering their composition of body fat. The main aim is to boost our metabolism so that the diet we consume is effectively used instead of deposited as body fat.

The SR9011 helps with a faster metabolism that helps to get rid of all the extra pounds on your body. This is why the SR9011 is also often dubbed as the ‘exercise in a pill.’

3.     Works Against Inflammation Inflammation from dietary, medical, or any other condition takes time to settle down. Heartburn and an acidic feeling can also negatively impact your health and make it impossible to recover from poor heart and liver conditions.

The SR9011 agonist that binds itself to Rev-ErbA protein is quite effective in countering inflammation. It influences and inhibits the growth of inflammatory cells.

4.     Reduces Recovery Times Since SR9011 helps speed up metabolism and lower inflammation, it is also capable of speeding up your recovery rate. You won’t feel lazy or dull anymore. Combining this idea with the fact that SR9011 is a potential fat remover, you can rely on the drug to boost your gym performance as well. Not only this, but this super drug can also easily relieve the body of soreness and strains that result in surgical or operative procedures.

5.     Increase Concentration and Focus Another evident advantage of taking the drug is that it boosts your activeness, not in just the physical sense but also in your mental capacity. The drug is a reliable companion when you’re trying to evade sleep and focus on catching up with deadlines. Even with tough jobs that seem to bore you to death, the drug may do a good job of helping you to focus.

6.     Helps With LDL Cholesterol Levels SR9011 is also useful for those who can’t control their diet and exercise routine. The drug has been found to lower LDL levels in the body without any other assistance.

7.     Acts as an Anxiolytic Lastly, you’ll be glad to know that SR9011 is also effective in calming your nerves and giving you the peace of mind you need in particularly anxious situations. If you are diagnosed with clinical anxiety, you may definitely look into treatment options that include SR9011.

Side Effects of SR9011

Right now, this next possible super drug may sound like something straight out of our dreams. However, the lab tests and clinical trials are still not complete and may reveal the possible side effects that the drug may bring. As of now, there’s only one side effect that you may need to fear:

Symptoms of Insomnia

SR9011 is known to boost concentration and focusing abilities. Consequently, the drug also contributes to wakefulness, which sometimes may seem similar to symptoms of insomnia.

Apart from this, there’s another sensible reason to keep your distance from the drug: it still hasn’t been officially declared safe or legal on a large scale. Trials are still underway, and we may expect some modifications in the compound structure before it’s accessible to the public.

Mixing and our recommended dosage

When you’re starting, it’s best to go with a small dosage. Anywhere between 10-30 mg a day is ideal for observing limited beneficial effects without any side effects. This is a general dosage recommendation. If you’re going for a particular brand that sells SR9011, 10MG a day to start in the morning before breakfast

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