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Melanotan II Nasal Spray


Tan fast

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Scientific Name: (Afamelanotide) – Melanotan II Nasal Spray
Clinical Test Expectation: Tan fast
MG Strength:  10mg per bottle

Detailed Product Information

Melanotan II is a synthetic version of melanocyte stimulating hormone that was created, synthesized and developed at The University of Arizona and the Arizona Cancer Center. Melanotan II is a shortened, circular version of the hormone peptide. Melanotan II has sunless tanning capabilities and Libido Enhancing Effects.

How it works ?

Melanotan II, or MT-II as it is often referred to, works by stimulating melanocytes to produce more Melanin (Pigment) without the need for excessive UV exposure. Most Users report a golden brown tan after 10mg to 20mg.

It also has the added side effect of increasing libido, in both men and women.

The Department of Pharmacology, University of Arizona College of Medicine published a study in 1998 that involved ten men who suffered from psychogenic erectile dysfunction. Their trial concluded that, “Melanotan-II is a potent initiator of erections in men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction and has manageable side effects at a dose of 0.025 mg./kg.” [24]

A clinical study published in 2000 of 20 men with psychogenic and organic erectile dysfunction conducted at the Section of Urology of The University of Arizona College of Medicine concluded, “that Melanotan II is a potent initiator of penile erection in men with erectile dysfunction.”

How its used

Typically MT-2 comes in 10mg vials of powder. This is mixed with 2ml of water and then administered subcutaneously with an insulin syringe. The typical dose is .005mg/kg twice daily for the first 10 days, thereafter 0.1 mg twice daily as a maintenance dose.

EG: 100kg person would use .5mg (10 units on insulin syringe) twice daily for the first ten days, then .1mg (2 units on insulin syringe) twice daily.

50kg person .25mg (5 units on insulin syringe) twice daily for the first 10 days, then .1mg (2 units on insulin syringe) twice daily

Mixing and our recommended dosage – Melanotan II Nasal Spray

Inject 1 ml water into the vial ofMT2 from the vial of water. 1 ml is a full syringe. Draw out all the contents of the vial once mixed and clear in colour and inject into the nasal bottle. Then inject the balance of all the water in the 2 water vials 5ml each / 1 vial 10ml into the nasal bottle. So in total there will be 10ml water in the nasal bottle and the contents of the vial. Spray 2 times per nostril at night before bed.

Additional Information

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